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Paradox Walnut Seeds, Kits and Seedlings.

Gallery of unique creations.

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v. hafferty Paradox Propagation Kit

juglans hindsii v. hafferty X juglans regia

Your propagtion kit will include:
  • 3 v. hafferty Paradox Seeds
    ( Guarantees 1 v. hafferty Paradox Seedling)

  • 3 Stage One Specialty Containers
  • 3 Stage Two Specialty Containers
  • Germination, Planting and Care Instructions

What you will need:
  • a small amount of Sand
  • a loose Potting Soil mix
  • time release Fertilizer
  • plenty of Water
  • plenty of Sunshine
  • proper final planting Site

Great for: Commercial* Rootstock, Investment Timber, Residential / Commercial Landscapes, School / Civic projects or as a gift.

Cost: $ 22.25

(includes FREE shipping)


Examples of
Stage One and Stage Two
Paradox and NCB Seedlings
grown in the same containers as those supplied in this Kit.

One Tree Seed Kit  (3 seeds and containers) | Item: 026sk126 | Image: A

Fall Seedlings
(Feb. and June plantings)

*commercial growers:  please contact us for volume pricing and availability.

So, What is a Paradox Walnut?